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We design, deliver and support technology solutions and digital marketing campaigns that yield measurable business and revenue improvements for our clients.

NewLead excels at developing front-end digital customer experiences, including websites & mobile apps. We possess strong and proven capabilities in WordPress development, e-commerce strategy, development & sales and digital marketing including, social media, search engine optimization and media. We also cloud services, such as email and hosting and custom software applications and programming to help clients more efficiently conduct business.


Our dedicated staff of technologists, programmers, marketers, designers and support personnel work tirelessly to help our clients accomplish their business goals through applying technology, creative and marketing.




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From Our Executive Chairman

The roots and history of our company dates to 1997 in a college dorm room at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. From the college provided high speed Internet, we built some of the first web sites in the state of Florida for businesses and organizations. Since then, the company has evolved but the passion for servicing customers with the most modern and effective digital design, marketing, programming and consulting services has not changed.

We have never rested on our past accomplishments and accolades, which include recognition from groups such as the American Advertising Federation, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the Gartner Group and Newsweek.  We have always striven to maintain, sustain and develop new skill-sets and technologies that would allow us to better serve our clients.  20 years ago, our capabilities were limited to web design; today, our team of professionals allow us to service customers with best of class digital marketing, search engine optimization, custom programming, hosting and consulting services.

Our commitment to embracing new technologies has taken our services and efforts across the globe to companies and countries big and small. We have found ourselves working on projects for the governments of Bermuda, Maldives, Germany and the Comoros Islands. Our client base and project successes are rich with household names, including the likes of American Express; industry leaders such as Kari-Out; and even NBA hall of fame basketball players. Some of these have counted on us in many capacities for the entire 20 years of our existence.

We have also served and continue to serve many small and family owned businesses across the United States and particularly, in the Treasure Coast region of South Florida. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing the most modern techniques and business technology solutions to our neighbors, friends and close associates.

Our promise to clients is to deliver unrivaled customer service, illustrate full understanding of our clients’ business needs and address those problems cost-effectively and provide measurable return on investment. Our entire team is incentivized on two things – (1) delivering a business-ready technology solution to our clients; (2) earning accolades and referrals from our customer base. We encourage an environment that rewards real success that we bring to our clients – not just merely getting the job done. That culture and mindset spills over to all our engagements and projects, big and small. It shows in our communication, attention our customers’ requests and the verifiable business improvements we bring to our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your digital business and technology needs to help you accomplish your goals. We are grateful for the support that all our current and past clients provide to us as we celebrate nearly two decades of continuous operation and service.

Terence Channon